When you mention Jane to a room full of young adults at her local church, you will immediately see their faces brighten, their postures relax, and a smile spread across each face. A majority of these women have gone through a 6-month course led by Jane called Unveiled which is a support ministry for those who have a history of sexual abuse and are marginalized by their shame and destructive styles of relating to others.

Unveiled provides small group experiences for both men and women in the hope of offering opportunities for those who have been sexually abused to tell their story in a safe environment with others who have a similar history. By using Dr. Dan Allender's Wounded Heart book, workbook, and inner healing prayer, they see countless men and women set free from the bondage of shame and fear. 

Jane remarkably uses her story of overcoming the soul shattering affects of sexual abuse to inspire and lead others into healing. The thing that is most beautiful about her is that she will be quick to tell you that the heart of the ministry is simply to facilitate a time where she can point others to the healing power of King Jesus.

It's not uncommon for those leaving their first time meeting with Jane with life changing aha moments like,  "So, I'm not crazy!" or  " I'm not the only one this has happened too?" 

Jane's life encourages us that our age does not disqualify us from doing the healing work and from using our lives to serve others. Her story is one that challenges us to use our broken pasts for the kingdom knowing that God will use it for His glory. 

K&A | Co-Founders of Resilient One