Though tiny in stature, Erin is anything but — she is, in fact, a powerhouse.

Being a mom of four young girls alone requires more strength than most of us are capable of mustering. Even more, Erin is not just a mom. She's a wife, a co-pastor, a church planter, a director for a women's ministry, and an online fitness coach. When you meet her, it will only take minutes for you to feel as if you have met your new #1 encourager and biggest cheerleader in life. She encourages even your wildest of dreams, and will advocate for you in any way that you may need. She is the definition of an champion.

As someone who struggled with addictions and abusive relationships that threatened to steal her life, her desire is now to see that all women are set free from their baggage and ways of coping. From her fitness ministry to her pastoral care, Erin lives so that others would encounter the radical love of Jesus. We pray that those who can relate to drug addiction or being in controlling or abusive relationships would find hope and healing in her story.

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