When Deb walks into the room, her extroverted personality does not go unnoticed. If you spend even 60 seconds with her, she might have you laughing, singing, dancing, or most likely all three. She is a mother, missionary, and the Director of Ayiti Underground — a movement of Haitians empowering other Haitians.

Deb shared about her personal struggle with gender confusion and same sex attraction after being raped as a middle schooler.

While we know that talking about same sex attraction can be a messy and layered conversation to have, we are proud to share Deb’s personal experience of what healing and wholeness has looked like for her life.

Her story of finding identity and healing in Jesus is one that we believe will empower you to embrace your pain and tell your story unapologetically. Deb’s strength reminds us that while we are always in the process of healing from our past abuse — and we can experience healing now — God wants to use our brokenness to bring healing to others.

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