Brianna's Story

Brianna Wilkerson is a health coach and wellness advocate who struggled with various eating disorders for years. She shared her story with us about how she found freedom, and gave some great advice and encouragement for anyone out there who might be battling with food and working towards a healthier lifestyle.

Highlighting self harm is important to us as it is a form of abuse that many of us are ashamed to admit is a current or past struggle we have faced. Brianna's story reminds us that not only can we overcome the ways we have harmed ourselves in the past, but we can allow the pain we have endured to lead others into freedom. 

If you found yourself relating to Brianna's story and something that she said resonated with you, have a listen to our podcast and hear more of Brianna's thoughts on how to find holistic health and wellness. She gives more details about her story  and gives advice on how you too can live a life made well.